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Maximize Your Daily Routine

Exfoliate, Penetrate & Shine

Taking your Skincare Routine to a Whole New Level

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Putting your

Best Skin Forward

Skin Wand Pro is a revolutionary handheld device that safely delivers high-performance serums to the skin. Ideal for use at home, this easy-to-use device provides an innovative solution to help you maintain healthy looking skin. Created to enhance  professional treatments without any discomfort or downtime.

A pain free option to micro-needling intended for home use.  Aids in rebuilding collagen and smoothing skin.  When used in the privacy of your home, this amazing addition to your home care routine will serve to maximize the benefits of your expensive skin care products that your professional esthetician has customized for your use.



The First Dual Purpose Homecare Device

The Skin Wand Pro is the first dual purpose skin care device designed for home use. Use the Skin Wand Pro in the evening for both exfoliation, as well as product penetration to maximize efficacy of beauty products and treatments. For an added boost, follow up with this specially-designed wand on mornings when you want that deep penetration of your serums.


Match Your Routine to Your Needs

SAFE FOR DAILY USE. For best results, use at least three (3) times per week. Results may vary depending on skin type and the quality of your skincare products. Skin Wand Pro is designed to

enhance your professional treatments.

Consult with a Skin Wand Pro

professional in your area. 

For best results,  try one of our serums.



Let Your Skin Be Your Guide  

Skin Wand Pro has multiple applications designed to meet your individual skin care needs. SWP can be safely used to address all skin types and conditions resulting in more luminous and hydrated skin.


Skin Wand Pro

Gold Standard

Skin Wand Pro is perfect for penetrating the skin with serums and other products. Serums are a must-have in all skincare enthusiasts' routine because they condition, hydrate, and strengthen the skin while making it look younger and vibrant longer.

When purchasing a Skin Wand Pro Bundle, you will receive both the 24K Six Peptide and Hydra Bright  serums so you will be well on your way to your homecare regimen.

The Science Behind the Wand

Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells

Removes dead skin cells speeding up renewal process of new skin.

Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Plumps and  hydrates to improve elasticity and strength.

Product Penetration

Improves efficacy of all products by pushing them deeper into the skin.

Evens Skin tone

Increases cell renewal which makes room for a brighter and less pigmented complexion.

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This powerful serum is formulated with the latest in skin science to help hydrate and brighten your complexion. It's made from a unique blend of ingredients including hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and glutathione - all of which are known for their ability to hydrate and brighten the skin. This silky, nonsticky serum has been formulated to be weightless on the skin and can easily be worn under makeup.

Hydra bright serum 3.jpg

24k 6 Peptide Lift is the luxurious anti-aging serum that helps your skin to look younger and healthier. The peptides, colloidal oatmeal, and oxygen plumping technology work together to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, crows feet and puffiness.
24k gold flake offers an instant radiance boost for a youthful glow.

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