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Just The Tip: Using the OG of Antibacterial Soaps!

Ensuring the cleanliness of the Skin Wand Pro nano tip after each use is paramount for maintaining optimal hygiene and preventing the transfer of any residual bacteria. The recommendation to use Gold Dial soap for this purpose is rooted in its antibacterial properties and its long-standing reputation for reliable cleanliness. Here's why Gold Dial soap stands out as the go-to choice for cleaning Skin Wand Pro nano tips:

The Power of Antibacterial Gold Dial Soap

Gold Dial soap has been a staple recommended by tattoo artists for decades due to its simplicity and effectiveness. With its primary function being antibacterial, it offers a reliable solution for cleansing the nano tip, ensuring that no bacteria are transferred between uses.

Accessibility and Affordability

One of the key advantages of using Gold Dial soap for cleaning nano tips is its widespread availability. This antibacterial soap can be readily found in grocery stores, convenience stores, and various retail outlets, making it a convenient and accessible choice for maintaining hygiene after each use.

Proper Cleaning Instructions

To ensure thorough cleaning of the Skin Wand Pro nano tip using Gold Dial soap, the following steps can be followed (Also refer to Youtube Video):

  1. Remove Tip from Device: Gently remove the nano tip from the Skin Wand Pro device.

  2. Add Gold Dial Soap: Place a small amount of Gold Dial soap in the palm of your hand.

  3. Expose Nano Plate: Use your other hand to push the spring of the tip, exposing the nano plate to the surface.

  4. Apply Water and Soap: Allow water to lightly run down the palm of your hand with the soap.

  5. Clean the Tip: In a circular motion, move the tip around the water and soap until the product inside the tip is thoroughly cleaned out.

  6. Air Dry: Release the spring and allow the tip to air dry completely before the next use.

By adhering to these cleaning instructions and utilizing the antibacterial prowess of Gold Dial soap, users can ensure that the Skin Wand Pro nano tips remain impeccably clean, promoting a hygienic and safe skincare experience.


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