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What Is The Difference: Sensitive Skin vs Sensitized Skin?

Sensitive skin is a skin type that is very quick to react and can manifest with symptoms such as flushing, inflammation, flaky and dry skin. On the other hand, sensitized skin can appear similar to sensitive skin, but it may also be swollen, have a sense of burning, itching, and irritation. The main difference is that sensitized skin is not a skin type that can be controlled.

There are several common causes of sensitized skin, including poor skincare products, makeup, fragrance, and even soap. If you have sensitized skin, it is recommended to use the 24k Gold Lift serum for 1-2 weeks before using the Skin Wand Pro device. The serum will help calm the symptoms and allow your skin to balance back out.

For those with a sensitive skin type, it is also recommended to use the 24k Gold Lift serum, but to incorporate the Hydrabright serum during the day for added protection. It is important to audit your skincare routine if you believe you have sensitized skin and stay away from heavy foaming cleansers that strip the skin's natural barrier. Instead, opt for a low-foaming gel cleanser like the Clayton Shagal Gel Cleanser that keeps the integrity of the skin's barrier.

Hydration and moisturizing are essential for both sensitive and sensitized skin. The 24k Gold Lift serum, containing aloe and hyaluronic acid, can help increase the skin's water levels. Choose a moisturizer that contains light oils like sunflower, safflower, or rose hip. The Jones Road Hippy Stick is recommended as a light moisturizer that can be worn day and night

In conclusion, it is important to calm and control the signs and symptoms of both sensitive and sensitized skin. Just remember, keep it simple. Don't over strip your skin with harsh cleansers and don't keep your skin from beathing with heavy moisturizers. Keep it simple and easy.


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