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Why Does My Skin Become Sun Sensitive After Nano Channeling?

If you've recently started using the Skin Wand Pro nano infusion pen, you might have noticed that your skin is becoming more sensitive to the sun. This is because the Skin Wand Pro is a revolutionary device that safely infuses high-performance serums into the skin. However, it's important to know that sun sensitivity means your skin is more prone to burning because of a multitude of reasons, and one of them could be a simple nano infusion treatment at home.

When your skin is shocked or tricked into something like healing or repairing, its main job is to do just that...heal or repair. This is why using your Skin Wand Pro in the morning is not recommended. Channeling at night allows your skin to do its job recovering from the day or from your treatment. There is no worry because your skin is already in "fix it" mode. During the day, however, your skin is in "Protect it" mode, so by performing a correcting treatment in the morning, you are defeating the protection mode and quite possibly opening your skin up to burn.

UVB rays are the most responsible for sunburn, and they are most intense during midday. Therefore, it's important to use the Skin Wand Pro at night time instead of daytime to minimize the risk of sun sensitivity and sunburn. This way, your skin can recover and repair from the treatment, and you can avoid any unwanted reactions to the sun.

In summary, if you're using the Skin Wand Pro nano infusion pen, it's crucial to be aware of the potential for sun sensitivity and sunburn. To minimize the risk, use the pen at night time when your skin is in "fix it" mode and avoid using it in the morning when your skin is in "protect it" mode. By following these simple tips, you can enjoy the benefits of the Skin Wand Pro without any unwanted side effects.


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